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Tony Imossi

In 1981 Tony Imossi established an agency to provide discreet, confidential investigation services to the legal profession, corporate businesses and individual professionals. The agency has since specialised in corporate fraud, theft, due diligence and general litigation support.


During a career spanning 15 years in the legal profession, Tony worked in a number of areas of litigation for London solicitors, whilst dedicating his spare time to the Parachute Regiment’s territorial unit, through which he was commissioned and attained the rank of Captain.


Tony joined the Association of British Investigators (ABI) in 1986 and was named Investigator of the Year in 1999.  In 2003 Tony was further acknowledged by the ABI when he was presented with the award for service to the industry, which he was awarded again in 2013.


Tony was President of the ABI from 2000 – 2004 and subsequently re-elected as President each year since 2008. During this time he has overseen radical improvement of the ABI’s membership criteria to levels not previously experienced in the UK sector. These high standards led to the unique accreditation of the ABI by the DVLA (2008), its endorsement by The Law Society of England & Wales (2010) and inclusion in The Law Society of Scotland’s Service Provider Scheme (2011).


Tony is the founder and former Chairman of the UK industry-wide ‘Investigators’ Sector Group’, which, from 2001 to 2008 spearheaded the consultation process on regulating the investigation sector and focused on de-fragmenting the UK and European-wide private investigation sector. In 2004, Tony was appointed Secretary General to the European umbrella body, Internationale Kommission der Detektiv-Verbande, which is currently working on its EU common minimum standard and good practice recommendations for investigations in the private sector.


During 2012 and 2013 Tony played a key role in drafting the British Standard Institution Code of Practice for the provision of investigative services (BS102000). In the absence of government licensing of the investigator market, this Standard ensures certified investigators are operating to the highest ethical standard. Following the Standard’s publication Tony was recognized as a leading industry expert and tasked to train the Security Industry Authority team and the SIA accredited Assessors on the BS102000 certification.


In 2004 the Joint Security Industry Council recognised Tony’s achievements with the award Gold Medal for Excellence. A similar award was granted to him in 2013 by the World Association of Detectives - acknowledging his world-wide contribution and professional leadership.


In February 2012 as part of the government sponsored inquiries and reviews, which covered regulating investigation in the private sector, Tony gave detailed written submissions followed by oral evidence to both the Judicial Inquiry chaired by Lord Justice Leveson and the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee chaired by The Right Honorable Keith Vaz MP.


Tony is qualified having obtained the Level 3 Award for Professional Investigation (QCF) and his business is certified to British Standard Institution BS102000 for the provision of investigative services.


Professional Affiliations:

• Association of British Investigators

• World Association of Detectives

• Asociación Profesional Detectives Privados de Espana

• Internationale Kommission der Detektiv-Verbande


Nigel Brown

Nigel Brown is a well-known professional investigator/security consultant and business leader with an outstanding and proven record across the industry.


Nigel joined New Scotland Yard in 1979 having qualified from London University in Medical Laboratory Science. He retired from the police after 13 years with an exemplary service record, four commendations for bravery and an award following an injury sustained in the line of duty.


In 1993, Nigel founded ISC (International Security Consultancy) and created a global industrial leader, operating in 26 international jurisdictions. In 1997 he sold the business, but was retained as a Partner. The business was renamed ISC Global and went on to become one of the leading business’s in the industry.


Nigel went on to established GSS Global and by 2007 it was the target of a takeover bid, by a large Canadian risk company.  GSS was sold along with Kroll Security Group with Nigel being appointed as Senior Managing Director for EMEA and Asia on contract. In 2009, he was headhunted to establish the Risk and Investigation division at Begbies Traynor PLC a listed corporation in the UK.


During his tenure at the various businesses Nigel has led some of the world’s most high profile cases including Yukos Oil, Mina Petroleum, Siemens and ABB and was asked to carry out a ‘cold case review’ for Madeleine McCann Fund prior to presentation to New Scotland Yard.


In 2007, Nigel was awarded Investigator of the Year by the Association of British Investigators for a complex investigation in multiple jurisdictions involving the safe return of an Oil Company’s CEO following a kidnap.


In 2009, Nigel was awarded Security Professional of the Year by the World Association of Detectives for an operation conducted in Gaza in support of Siemens PLC and a Humanitarian Aid operation.


In 2012, Nigel was again nominated as Association of British Investigators Investigator of the Year for a complex investigation in support of an Oil and Gas company and a two year anti-corruption investigation with evidence presented to a US Congressional Inquiry.


In 2017 Nigel was nominated as an independent Auditor for the National Anti Corruption Bureau for Ukraine ( NABU).


Nigel is a specialist investigator in the field of FCPA and UK Bribery Act and has advised several major Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies in this field. He has been a member of the Governing Council for the Association of British Investigators and is currently the advisor and elector Board member in charge of compliance for the World Association of Detectives.


Professional Affiliations:

• Association of British Investigators

• World Association of Detectives





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