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+44 (0)20 3397 2715


Barringtons provides its clients with bespoke and specialised investigative, commercial risk analysis and litigation support services worldwide with the assurance of compliance, competency and accountability.


As well as the guarantees of compliance and competency, Barringtons aims to deliver the highest level of customer services to all its clients across its range of investigation, consultancy and training services.


Barringtons will not accept instructions unless the client is able to demonstrate a legitimate interest and thus a compelling reason why personal data should be processed, to justify the investigation.  In certain circumstances, particularly tracing, the data subject’s consent may have to be sought prior to reporting.


Contact us today to learn more about our extensive range of services and how we can assist in protecting and mitigating your reputation and associated financial risk when appointing investigators.


Investigative services:

Specialist in complex multi jurisdiction and international matters

Bribery and Corruptions Enquiries including whistleblowers (FCPA & UKBA)

Financial Fraud

Litigation Support


Investigation Services

Consultancy and Training

A-Z Accredited Services

Consultancy and Training Services:

Investigation Services

Bribery and Corruption hands on Audit/Support and Training

In-house evaluations of Fraud Systems and Training

Law Services- audit and training of compliance visa vie the use of Private Investigators

Risk Assessment of Corporate Risk



A-Z: Accredited Services:

The below list of services should only be undertaken by professionals with the appropriate level of accreditation:


A. Accident report

B. Background checks

C. Compliance verification (bribery and data protection issues)

D. Due Diligence

E. Equity

F. Fraud prevention, detection & investigation

G. Good practice consultancy

H. Heir & beneficiary identification and locate

I. Identity verification

J. Judicial (litigation) support

K. Know your client

L. Landlord & Tenant investigation

M. Miscellaneous (not domestic cases)

Only instruct investigators and litigation support services with appropriate due diligence.


N. Narcotics abuse investigation

O. Operational surveillance

P. Personal injury and insurance investigations

Q. Quantification of claims

R. Recovery services

S. Status enquiry

T. Trace & missing persons enquiries

U. Undercover operations

V. Verification

W. Witness interview and Polygraph examinations

X. X-electronic surveillance

Y. Yearly compliance audits

Z. Zero tolerance investigative support

Consultancy and Training

A-Z Accredited Services

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T: +44 (0)20 3397 2715

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